Design is Mezic’s greatest passion, our bread ‘n’ butter, and our biggest strength. It’s what makes us tick. We consider our design to be mechanically organic because everything we do is guided by the essence of what your business is all about. Call it “intelligent design,” if you like.

We think it’s important to design eye-catching, professionally styled visuals for any app, website, advertisement, logo – or whatever it is you’re looking to launch, reposition or rebrand. Our attention to detail and finely honed skill comes from years of market research and experience creating visuals for leading brands, including Grindr, E! Entertainment, and Atlantis Events. From the spec phase through to project completion, Mezic will work your project and deliver astounding results.

So join the party. Let us come up with something amazing for you.


In a world with more distractions than ever, it can be a real challenge to stand out. The only brands that succeed in today’s marketplace are those brave few that make originality and saturation top priorities.

The people of Mezic know what it takes to catapult your brand into the stratosphere. Whether you’re interested in making a big splash by taking the cutting-edge viral route or going for a more traditional slow-burn entrance into the marketplace, we’ll work with you to establish your brand and plan your strategy.

Mobile App Creation (UI/UX)

At Mezic, we’re user interface and user experience (a.k.a. UI/UX) masterminds. We’ve built wildly successful mobile applications from the ground up, and those years of experience have taught us how to craft mobile products that are elegant, useful and intuitive – apps that users can’t put down.

We consider even the most granular use-case scenarios. We do countless hours of testing. We ask the right questions and gather precise, relevant data from focus groups. We design really smart (and good-looking) screens. In short, we understand the mobile consumer, and we’ll ensure that your mobile product works in a way that allows you to meet your goals financially.

We’ll also ensure that your product will be a fun and profitable experience that’s sure to turn your app’s users into the most engaged users on the block.

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